How to pay an order. Ways of payment.

Credit Card / Debit Card

The order amount is charged to your card once the order has been confirmed. With this system the bank will charge you the order in the manner and dates you have established with it. The transmission of data from your card from your computer is done encrypted for total security .

The advantages for the customer that offers this payment system -TPV Virtual EURO 6000 platform (Point of Sale) - are:

  • The Payment is made directly to the bank's servers . The virtual TPV that receives the card number and makes the charge is in the bank's servers . The TPV platform simply makes a call to the bank indicating the amount receivable. Once the page of the bank, the client always sees the quantity that will charge before you write your card number.
  • The card number travels encrypted and only to the bank's server . The POS uses SSL encryption system . The seller never gets to know the number of the customer's credit card and has no chance of keeping it for future charges.
  • To use this charging system , the seller must have an account in the bank which the TPV wishes to use with real data. This eliminates in practice the possibilities for fraudulent sales .
  • The customer can choose between several credit cards or debit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD and 4B.

Wired transfer to our bank account

When transferring, it is very important to indicate the order number provided as the concept of the operation the order number . This will facilitate the payment  and automatically locate and associate the order. If not taken, we will have to perform a manual tracking with which it slows everything down and lengthens the delivery time of your order. If you forget to do this , however , there is a solution. Please send through our  contact form a message to our customer support team and we tell you what to do to solve it.

Remember, you must make the payment always in Euros and customers are in charge of  all possible bank exchange fees when choosing this payment system.

For transfers from outside Spain you must tell your bank that it is you who is in charge of the commissions in origin, those bank fees and expenses for your organization . Otherwise we could stop the shipping of the order. 


You can use PayPal as a method of reliable and secure payment . In order to do this, you just must have a paypal account. It is available for orders from the countries that we ship .

Cash on delivery (COD)


If you use this payment system , the post office clerk will charge the total order including taxes and shipping costs at the time of delivery of the package in the shipping address . There are some limitations for cash on delivery : the maximum amount of the order is 500 € and you can only apply to orders shipped to mainland Spain . In addition , you can only have an order against active at a time refund. You can not make a second request until the first you have been delivered.

Pay in Cash or credit card at our shops

When you come to pick up your order at our physical store , you can pay by cash or card. The limit on cash payments in store is 2,500 € . If you wish to pay with the Card , the limit is the spending cap that the card has itself.